b. 1986, HK.


Hi, my name is Daphne

As a child, I was obsessed with customizing Neopets layouts, downloading useless apps, changing the UI of my desktop, making websites and creating programs that would make my life easier. The Internet was the only constant in my life having moved around a lot as a kid and I became enamored by how human beings experience technology as well as how that experience can be shaped. Technology is often perceived as 'mechanical' but such a view ignores the fact that human beings are ultimately the creators and consumers of technology.

The notion that technology is designed with humans in mind became apparent to me when I was playing with my dad’s new iPhone as a thirteen-year-old. I wanted to undo some text and thought, "maybe I'm supposed to shake it?" Shaking the iPhone in mock frustration, I was met with a pop-up asking whether I wanted to undo my text. This experience was almost magical to me - I had never used an iPhone before yet my instinct was to shake to undo. In that quotidian moment, I realized that a well-designed piece of technology is one that takes humans into consideration and creates a sense of delight for the user.

Having worked in various roles from marketing, web design, content strategy and IT business analysis in Hong Kong and London, I've developed an interdisciplinary skillset and find that I'm inherently drawn to the intersection between design, technology and business. I hope to use the empathy I developed through my background in the humanities and my culturally diverse upbringing to solve challenging problems.

To gain deepen my skillset, I'm currently pursuing Master's in Information Management and Systems at UC Berkeley, where I'm primarily focusing on UI/UX, data visualization and data science

In my spare time, I like exploring different cities and their museums 🏛, trying new food places 🍜, taking photographs 📸 and reading dystopian fiction 📖